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RootsMagic (RM) is a genealogy application.

RM includes a direct import option that creates an RM project by reading a TMG database and without using a GEDCOM transfer. You should compare the direct import results to the results using a GEDCOM file written by TMG to GEDCOM (T2G) and decide which method produces the best results for you. The system template author has provided her comparison results below.

Template Notes

Susan Johnston created the original version of this template and tested with version 7.6.1 of RM.


The template sets Exhibits.Export Method to "GEDCOM 5.5 Direct". This provides the best results and supports the primary person exhibit designation which RM does not support via the other methods.


The template sets Families.Primary Only to unchecked so non-primary relationships are included.


The template sets Flags.Flags to "Export as EVEN/TYPE". TMG flags become events in RM and the value appears in the Person window in the Details column and in the Description textbox.

The template sets Flags.Flag Name Prefix to "Flag-".

The template sets Flags.Living Flag to "Export as EVEN/TYPE" and Flags.Omit Value '?' to checked. You may wish to modify those settings based on your preferences.

GEDCOM Tag Names

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Citation Reference Tag to "REFN". See the Sources section below.

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Formatted Source Tag to "TEXT". See the Sources section below.

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Person Role Tag to "ROLE". See the Roles section below.


TMG's Name Tag Types are not imported to RM because they do not match RM's options. So, for example, "Name-Baptism" will be imported as "Name". If you want to correct this issue, edit the GEDCOM file in a text editor that supports Unicode text files and use its find-and-replace feature to change TMG's name type tags to match RM.

RM name tag types are:

  • AKA
  • Birth
  • Immigrant
  • Maiden
  • Married
  • Nickname
  • Other spelling


RM will import "master place" records, so the template sets Places.Include Master Place List to checked. Place exhibits will be imported.

Printer Codes

The template sets the SCAP (small caps) Printer Code to "Substitute text" with text values "<sc>" and "</sc>".

The other Printer Codes can be left with their default values.


The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Person Role Name to ROLE which is what RM expects.

All roles are imported correctly except those used for P1.


The template sets Tag Names.Formatted Source Tag to TEXT. RM loads this text into its Source Text field.

Direct Import Comparison

  • Direct import preserves sensitive data ("{ }")
  • Direct import loads Parent/Child sources
  • P1/P2 tags are all imported as family events
  • Direct import does not import flags
  • Direct import does not assign name tag types
  • Direct import does not support printer codes correctly
  • Direct import assigns TMG's internal ID number to people which in many cases is different from the external ID number displayed in TMG.

    A post-import fix is available to restore the external ID number.

  • Direct import does not load dual-year dates correctly

    "11 February 1731/32" in TMG is interpreted as "11 February 1732/33" by RM.