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The Families section includes properties related to GEDCOM family records that TMG to GEDCOM constructs from TMG relationship tags.


Primary Only

If Primary Only is checked, only family records with primary relationships are exported. If Primary Only is unchecked, all family records are exported. The default is checked.

Primary Tag Sequence

The Primary Tag Sequence property determines whether primary family membership records are written before or after non-primary family membership records in the GEDCOM file. The default value is "Before non-primary (first)".

The GEDCOM specificaton mandates that when there are two or more tags at the same level the first tag should be deemed the "most credible", known as "primary" in the terminology of TMG and TMG to GEDCOM. Some GEDCOM readers do not conform to the standard when reading FAMS and FAMC tags and they treat the last alternative as primary. To accommodate those non-compliant programs, TMG to GEDCOM provides an option to write the primary variation last.