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Heredis is a genealogy application.

Notes from Template Author

Susan Johnston created the original version of this template and tested with version 19.3 of Heredis.

Citation Reference

Citation Reference values are exported by setting the Tag Names.Citation Reference Tag to "DATA.TEXT".


Heredis does not support sort dates. They are not included in the GEDCOM export file.


Heredis honors primary indicators for exhibits so the template sets Exhibits.Include Primary Indicators to checked.


The template sets Families.Primary Only to unchecked so non-primary relationships are exported.


The template sets Flags.Flags to "Export as FACT/TYPE". TMG flags become Facts in Heredis.

The template sets Flags.Flag Name Prefix to "Flag-".

The template sets Flags.Living Flag to "Export as FACT/TYPE" and Flags.Omit Value '?' to checked. You may wish to modify those settings based on your preferences.


Heredis does not recognize primary indicators for people attached to events, so the template sets GEDCOM Format.Include Primary Indicators to unchecked.

GEDCOM Tag Names

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Citation Reference Tag to "DATA.TEXT". See the Citation Reference section above.

The template sets GEDCOM Tag Names.Person Role Tag to "ROLE". See the Roles section below.


Heredis imports all name tag types.


Heredis will not import a Master Place List exported by T2G. Even so, the template sets Places.Include Master Place List to checked so that place exhibit records are included in the GEDCOM file. Heredis will not attach those exhibits to its place records, but the plce exhibits will appear in the Heredis "Media Index".

Printer Codes

Heredis supports text formatting in its editor, but does not accept printer codes via GEDCOM. Keep the printer codes if you want to see TMG's original formatting. HTML codes for italics and bold are honored in the Source Title field, so the template sets those printer codes in case someone chooses to export sources with formatted titles.


The template sets Tag Names.Person Role Name to "ROLE" which is what Heredis expects.

Heredis suports a pre-defined set of role names as shown in the list below. Any other roles are imported as "Other Role."

  • Adoptee
  • Adopter
  • Buyer
  • Child
  • Daughter
  • Declarant
  • Father
  • Godfather
  • Godmother
  • Head of Household
  • Heir
  • Mentioned
  • Mother
  • Notary
  • Officiating Priest
  • Organizer
  • Other Role
  • Participant
  • Present
  • Registry Officer
  • Seller
  • Servant
  • Son
  • Spouse
  • Testator
  • Twin
  • Witness


The template sets Sources.Include Sources to checked and Sources.Include Formatted Source to checked, which are the default values.

Using the default Formatted Source Tag ("_FULL"), the formatted source text is imported into the master source notes.

When Heredis writes TMG source element data to specific fields, it interprets the element as the original TMG element type, regardless of custom element names and usages in TMG.