Version 1.06 is now available!

See Newsletter #7 for details. Change Log

TMG to GEDCOM Announcements

TMG to GEDCOM Announcements is an announcements-only mailing list that helps you keep up to date on TMG to GEDCOM. I send newsletters periodically to announce new program versions and to discuss topics of interest to TMG to GEDCOM users. Go to the TMG to GEDCOM Announcements page to subscribe.


00713 January 2021T2G 1.06
0065 October 2020T2G 1.05
00521 August 2020T2G 1.04
0044 December 2019T2G 1.03
00324 October 2019T2G 1.02
00218 October 2019T2G 1.01
0017 October 2019T2G 1.00
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